Born from an aspiration to create a community of like-minded people interested in a social lifestyle, HH Living presents an answer to high-rise living’s lack of social cohesion with its first project. Manhattan Loft Garden’s architecture has been propelled by a vision of social potency that is entirely designed to encourage spontaneous interaction.

With great emphasis on the design of the accommodation but equally on providing an exceptional food and beverage experience, HH Living introduces the best chefs, leisure facilities and cultural event programming to shape a seamless lifestyle. Located in often unexpected, up and coming areas, HH Living inspires local placemaking while becoming a stand-alone destination.

Not only a home but a lifestyle, the concept for furnished, all-inclusive accommodation with 24-hour hotel service is offered within a complete social setting: members clubs, destination restaurants and communal outdoor gardens act as extensions of living spaces to encourage guests and residents to meet, mix and play.